You’re Bursting With a Dream. 

Let’s Make it Happen


 Your big day should be about amplifying your love and making sure your guests experience that in the most comfortable way possible. It’s about bringing your reception to life with synergy and song! Together we’ll ignite your dance floor with the buzz and excitement it deserves.


Be Confident

Dance more, stress less. Let's talk about your ideas, dreams, and concerns so we can put your fears at ease. We'll serve you up with confidence, one beat at time. 


control The Flow

Our online planners and music request system gives you complete control of the flow for your event without the hassle of unwanted email threads or phone calls.


Create a Buzz

It's about creating a welcoming environment for your guests. Together we'll ask the right questions to make sure your guests have the time of their lives.

They were so personable, made sure we felt comfortable the entire day, and kept the dance floor full! Going to weddings now, just aren’t the same.
— Eric + Ashley Slager

A Reception Worth Talking About!


The right music at the right time can breathe life into your event and really get it started.  It begins with a custom-tailored playlist and seamless mixing that injects energy and excitement both on and off the dance floor. 

Many DJs can stand up there and play music from a selected playlist, but it takes a truly skilled artist to blend and remix these songs to make transition from song to song flawless.
— Jared + Christy Moon

 We'll Create the Perfect Cue and Hue


Our sophisticated lighting systems will highlight the tender love of your first dance, enhance the warmth of your gathered guests, and create a comfortable and welcoming environment when its time to dance.  


Effect Lighting

Effect lighting creates a welcoming environment on the dance floor.  You know, that safe place where your guests can get lost in the music and forget anyone may be watching.


LED Uplighting

Uplighting can enhance your decor, showcase your dress and highlight your flowers for photographs.  It’s versatile, elegant, and can create a dramatically lit wonderland

They’re like a mini wedding planner on the side. If we came up with an idea, he’d build on it to make it better, and then even keep going to build on that idea.
— Mike & Colleen Rosendale