It All Started With…

a boom box, a strobe light, and a Jock Jams vol. 1 CD.  As a young kid I had a passion for music and seeing people smile. Fast forward 19 years, not much has changed although, I'm now joined by my beautiful wife Kailtyn who helps with all things client related.  We're always looking for ways to serve and to amplify those special moments, the moments that make your event stand out from the rest.  It's not always easy, but you deserve nothing less.

- Steve & Kaitlyn Dykstra -


Most of the other DJs we met with were more interested in telling me about their equipment, their songs, and their policies. These guys were different. During our first consultation, we talked about our families- where they were from, what their personalities were like, what sort of music they liked. They took notes the whole time, writing down anything that might be helpful to them when running our reception later.
— Nic & Emily