A Reception Worth Talking About


Seamless Transitions

Contagious Vibes

The right music at the right time can breathe life into your event and really get it started.  It begins with a custom-tailored playlist and seamless mixing that injects energy and excitement both on and off the dance floor. It's about creating a reception that's truly worth talking about.

Lighting that Amplifies

Our sophisticated lighting systems will highlight the tender love of your first dance, enhance the warmth of your gathered guests, and create a welcoming environment when its time to dance.   

Effect Lighting

Effect lighting creates a welcoming environment on the dance floor where your guests can get lost in the music and forget about their worries (or those watching).

LED Lighting

Uplighting can enhance your decor, showcase your dress and highlight your flowers for photographs.  It’s versatile, elegant, and can create a dramatically lit wonderland.

Most of the other DJs we met with were more interested in telling me about their equipment, their songs, and their policies. These guys were different. During our first consultation, we talked about our families- where they were from, what their personalities were like, what sort of music they liked. They took notes the whole time, writing down anything that might be helpful to them when running our reception later.
— Nic & Emily